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Reiki is healing energy, activated by intention. It works on many levels, not just the physical, and triggers the body's self healing abilities which can help you to relax, clear negative energies and bring back balance to your life.

Reiki is an ancient healing art, "Reiki" means "Universal Energy". Eastern medicine has always worked with this energy, it is known as "Ki" in Japan, "Chi" in China and "Prana" in India. Acupuncture, T'ai chi and Yoga are all based on the free- flow of energy in all living things. We all have this energy, but not everyone can access it, its rather like having a radio, but not being able to tune in to a station, the Reiki practitioner facilitates this connection.

The purpose of Reiki is to treat holistically, rather than treat any specific disorder, and if you have a medical condition, seek your Doctors advice as to whether Reiki will be suitable for you, in fact, Reiki is being used increasingly in Health settings, Hospices and Rehabilitation, and as a Health care professional, I could not be more delighted by this development.

A Little About Me

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I am a Qualified nurse and mother of two.  I trained in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, and teach Reiki to all levels. I am also a Master/Teacher member of The UK Reiki Federation, and am fully insured. I give treatments at my home or if you prefer yours.

 I believe that most people are not as interested in what I do, but how what I do, can benefit them, I also know that those who need me will find me.

Many people today lead frantic lives, with never a moment for themselves, I too was like that, looking for a way to "chill out", I'm still unsure whether I found Reiki or Reiki found me, however, here I am, giving treatments and teaching other this gentle method of relaxation and energy clearing.

It is important that you choose a Reiki Practitioner with whom you feel at ease and comfortable, my treatments commence with a chat about yourself, what brings you to Reiki and what you expect to gain from a treatment. Of course, all treatments are confidential. For those who are interested in undergoing training, a Reiki master should be able to demonstrate their lineage back to Dr. Mikao Usui and perform attunements face to face (not distant attunements.) She/he should offer ongoing support ,as the bond between Reiki master and student continues after training. Knowledge and learning is indeed a two way path, and I continue to learn as much from students as they do from me.

The change that Reiki makes, can be subtle or dramatic, much depends on how open a person is to new ideas, and how willing they are to embrace change. A Reiki treatment is not like taking a problem to the GP and giving it to him to sort out, sometimes a willingness to change yourself, your beliefs, actions or thoughts may be the only way to facilitate a permanent change for some problems. So if you are already happy with your life, and don't see the need for any improvement, then read no further, for beware, Reiki can and will, change your life!!!!!

As a registered nurse of 37yrs, I also offer Reiki to those who are seriously ill, although not a cure, Reiki can help to relieve pain and anxiety to those in need, it helps to smooth the transition from this world to another place, it can also be of immense comfort to the families involved in the passing over of loved ones.

This service is tailored to the individual  and their family and prices for this are privately agreed according to circumstance.


 I hope you find the information you need here, please contact me with any Questions you may have.

Meditation Nights

Posted by Sharon

Held fortnightly. Please contact me for the next date.

Held at The Complementary Health Centre

Liverpool Road, Penwortham.

Tel 01772 751122

Please phone or e-mail for more details or to reserve your place.

Update Jan 2017



2017 was a mixed year but in the end,  a year of triumph, I am still here, still healthy, as are my family.


I am blessed to still have friends who having faced their own health challenges, are coming into 2017 with me, onward and upwards! I spent the Winter Solstice up at Castlerigg with likeminded people, reminds me of the beauty and power of nature, and the power of meditation.


I have been fortunate enough to be invited to take part in St Catherine's Hospice Educational Program for Nurses, explaining how Reiki can be of use to those both who are diagnosed with life shortening illness, their families and those caring for them, such a wonderful thing to be able to provide comfort and stress relief which complements the care already being received, and how, as Practitioners, they can incorporate Reiki into their professional lives and well as giving treatments to family and friends, it is my hope that some will undertake training with me and cascade this gentle healing energy down to others.
2017 is going to be great, not just ok but really really great with new opportunities and experiences out there.

I invite you to contact me if you too, are interested in having Reiki treatments or undergoing training.

As Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise says "Don’t just wish it so, make it so"


Sending love and light